Date: 10th May 2016
Flat PDC insert
Xi'an Tydrillbits Co.,Ltd is one of the most famous China flat pdc insert manufacturers,Website:http://www.tydrillbits.com, welcome to wholesale cheap flat pdc insert from our factory.Description of PDC cutters for coal miningPDC cutter is made of diamond powder and high impact tungsten carbide. Because of superior performance It is widely used in coal mining, water well drilling and geological drilling PDC drill bit. Our PDC cutter adopt state-of-the-art manufacturing process and raw material, has been accepted by many customers. Best seller depends on high quality and competitive price. Specification of coal mining and geological drilling PDC cutterCoal?mining?and?geological?drilling?series?PDC?cutterDimension?codeDiameter(D)Height?total(H)Height?diamond?Diamond ChamferCarbide Chamfer100410.05?0.054.0??0.100.9-1.10.5?45?0.5?45?120412.05?0.054.0?0.101.2-1.40.5?45?0.5?45?130413.05?0.054.0?0.101.2-1.40.5?45?0.5?45?130813.05?0.058.0?0.101.4-1.60.5?45?0.5?45?PDC?cutters?for?coal?mining?and?geological?drilling?series?are?suitable?for?soft?to?hard?rock formation drilling and have?high?impact?toughness?and?heat?stability. This?series?products?have plane?andnon-planer.? We?can provide customized?products?as?your?requirements.The chamfer of PDC cutter is 0.2-0.5mm?45?, using this technology can improve the anti-abrasion ability, the effect is especially obvious when drilling into the heterogeneity stratum and can improve the durability and total footage.? ? Application of coal mining and geological drilling PDC cutterBecause of good durability, fast footage and high timeliness, PDC cutters are widely used with making coal miningand geological drilling PDC drill bits.